New materials about Stanisławów Jewry - Census 1939

New project recently completed by the JGB Organization presents to the public a unique archival material concerning the Stanisławów Jewry before the World War II.

This is the documentation produced by the last census taken by the Polish rulers of Stanisławów:  thousands of registration cards filled out by home owners or by city officials, canvasing  the city door to door, during  the second half of August 1939.

It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of these materials for a reconstruction of the image of the Jewish community of  Stanisławów on the eve of its destruction during the Holocaust. An analysis of the data included in the census cards enables an examination of many issues relating to the socio-economic character of the community, to family structure, to the patterns of Jewish settlement in the city, to their professions and employment, and to many other topics. This data is also enormously important to all aspects of genealogical study.

Now, the full census data is uploaded to the JGB site in an easy-to-use format which enables search and exploring important biographical information regarding the citizens of the city before the onset of the Second World War.

We believe that this venture opens a new chapter in genealogical and socio-historical studies of Galician Jewry. 

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