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Aproximativ 750 de pietre funerare din vechiul cimitir evreiesc din Suceava sunt curățate și cercetate academic de Fundația Jewish Galicia & Bukovina (De Suceava Monitorul, 7 septembrie 2023- Anul XXVIII, nr. 210 (8434))

Romania: The full documentation of the two oldest of the three Jewish cemeteries in Siret is now available online, with photo galleries highlighting the magnificent carved decoration (Jewish Heritage Europe, January 2, 2023)


"Here rest the righteous, Woe to those who remain" (Ha-Aretz, 27/09/2021, in Hebrew)

About JGB documentation work at the Pidhaitsy Jewish cemetery (Hadashot, April 2020, in Ukrainian)

JGB team working at the Jewish cemetery in Kalush (Kalush TV,  28.08.2019. In Ukrainian)

"Documentation of Jewish cemetery in Busk uncovers previously unknown Jewish gravestones from 16th century" (Jewish Heritage Europe, August 25, 2019)


JGB Expedition, 2019 (Olam Katan, September 2019)


"Using technology to unearth buried treasure", ha-Aretz, 1/03/2019  (English)  (Hebrew)



"In the prime of her life my mother died" - JGB expedition discovered the gravestone of Shay Agnon's mother (Ynet, in Hebrew)

"The gravestone of the mother of Agnon discovered" - an article about JGB expedition to Buczacz, 2018 (Arutz 7, in Hebrew)


"The gravestone of Esther Czaczkes - the mother of Shay (Shmuel Yosef) Agnon discovered" - an article about JGB expedition to Buczacz, 2018 (Israel Today, in Hebrew)@

"Ukraine: ancient Buchach Jewish cemetery documented" (Jewish Heritage Europe, August 22, 2017)


"Mein Shtetele Wizhnitz" - an article about the JGB expedition to Vizhnitsa, summer 2016. 



 "Signs of Life" - a film by Bernard Dichek

 Watch a film made by JPOST on one of our field schools to Galicia


"Indiana Jones of the Shtetel" - an article about the field school to Pidhaitsy (2011) made by YNet 

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"In saving Jewish remnants in Galicia, an effort to enlist Ukrainians" by Dina Kraft

Published in JTA website


"Remembering Galicia" by Eetta Prince-Gibson

Published in "Jewish World"


"Signs of Life"  by Bernard Dichek

Published in "Jewish World"