Fellowships in Israel

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In 2011 Jewish Galicia and Bukovina has granted two fellowships for students from the Ben-Gurion University.

 Roee Goldshmidt  

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 MA in Jewish thought, Ben Gurion University

 Topic of MA:

 Saraf Pri Etz Haim: Rabbi Moshe of Dolina's Kabbalistic Activities as a Mirror for the Study of Lurianic Kabbalah in Early Hasidim.

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 PhD disseration topic:

Rabbi David Shlomo Eibschitz's Arvei Nahal : The sermons editing and printing in light of the editing methods of homiletical literature from the sixteenth century on and the conclusions of it , for the history of the Hasidic movement, founded by the Besht.

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The Study of Lurianic Kabbalah in the Circle of the Baal Shem Tov - R. Moses Shoham of Dolina's Saraf Pri Es Hayyim (in Hebrew) 

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Changes in the Homiletic Rhetoric used by Local Rabbinates in Eastern Europe during the Nineteenth Century 

Lecture at the 5th Polish-Israeli Young Scholars Workshop on the History and Culture of Polish Jews, POLIN Museum, 27-29 June 2016

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Lectures (in Hebrew): 

הדרוש החסידי, דרכי עריכתו ומשמעויותיו ההיסטוריות

מתאבלים ושמחים: על פירוש חסידי כפול למגילת איכה


  Shlomo Ashkanazy

BA in History, Ben Gurion University.

MA disseration topic:

The Reaction of Hassidic Sects in Galicia and Bukovina in the Second Half of the 19th Century to the Influence of Modernization and the Enlightenment on Jewish life.

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