Galicia and Bukovina Jewish Studies
at the Herzog College



The Galicia and Bukovina program is a multidisciplinary program of the Herzog College, in cooperation with the Ad Hena Institute, which provides a broad and in-depth training program for the study of the Jewish heritage of Galicia and Bukovina from the sixteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century. This is a three-years program designed to expose the participants, men and women, to the many facets and aspects of the cultural work of Eastern European Jewry, focusing on the regions of Galicia and Bukovina.

The program is intended for students of Jewish Thought (Machshevet Yisrael), History, Oral Law (Torah Shebe'al Peh), and Hebrew Literature, who have displayed motivation and a high level of skills, and who are interested in expanding and deepening their studies beyond the department's program. They will be expected to write a seminar paper on the Jewish heritage of  Galicia and Bukovina.

The students will receive an annual scholarship for 3 years in addition to personal, academic and professional leadership as part of their studies in the program.


Program objectives:

  • To encourage study and in-depth research of the Jews of Galicia and Bukovina by the next generation of  educators in the  religious and public education system of the State of Israel.
  • To support students who are interested in the subject and to install a generation of educators who are well acquainted with the historical background and culture of Eastern European Jewry, and especially the Jews of Galicia and Bukovina, in order to ensure the transmission of this magnificent legacy from generation to generation.


The curriculum

The program is 15 weekly hours which will be spread over the course of 3 years. Each year there is a comprehensive annual course and two semester courses dealing with the literary work of the Jews of Galicia and Bukovina, Jewish thought (rabbinic and non-rabbinic), the Torah studies that developed in Galicia and Bukovina, as well as the historical events which provide the backdrop of literary and thought creation. In addition to the frontal courses, there are also tours and study days, on a wide range of topics in history, the Oral Law (Torah Shebe'al Peh), Jewish Thought (Machshevet Yisrael), and Hebrew literature. Students of the program are given the opportunity to participate in the organization's annual documentation expedition to Galicia and Bukovina.


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