Max Margules

Date of birth: 1856 | Date of death: 1920

Occupation or position: 

Max Margules was a well-known mathematician and meteorologist. Born in Brody in 1856, Margules graduated from the University of Vienna, where he studied physics and mathematics. Following his graduation, he spent two years as a volunteer in the Vienna Meteorology Institute before becoming an employee of a university in Berlin. In 1880, he returned to Vienna and started teaching physics at the local university. In 1882, Margules was appointed an assistant at the Vienna Meteorology Institute, where he worked for the following 25 years. Margules laid the foundations of Atmospheric Physics, studying atmospheric pressure and the energy of storms. His works were of great importance, particularly for the study of cyclones and storms. Margules died in Vienna in 1920.

Information taken from:

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