Lysiec - Jews in the 18th century


The Jewish population first appears in Lysiec in the eighteenth century. The Polish census of 1764 gives some information about it (Stampfer, 124). The community (kahal) included 171 Jews of both genders and 16 infants under the age of one year. 116 Jews with 10 infants lived in the town of Lysiec itself, while the rest (55) were dispersed in the surrounding villages according to the following breakdown:

Iwanikówka - 7

Posiecz - 6

Radna - 6

Drohomirczany - 8 (and one infant)

Łysiec Stary - 5 (and one infant)

Stebnik - 2 (and two infants)

Czerniejów - 14 (and one infant)

Chryplin - 3 (and one infant)

Chomików - 4 (and one infant)

The Lysiec Jewish community was one of the smallest in the Kołomyia powiat. Only Kamionki Wielkie (56) and Kułaczkowce (150) had smaller Jewish populations.


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