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The spelling of geographical names presents a special problem in this region, which over the long course of its history was incorporated into several different political entities. While we provide place names in all relevant languages in sub-headings, only one version of each name is used as the title of commuinties and for search options. We have decided to adhere to the geo-political principle and used the English transcription of the officel language in each place according to today's borders. For example: a city in Ukriane today will be written in the English transcreption of its Ukrianian name. Same goes for places in Poland and Romania.

Here are some key rules that will help you find write the place your looking for correctly:

The abbreviations of the region names: I – Ivano-Frankivsk, L – Lviv, T – Ternopil.


About our transcription of Polish towns names.

Transcriptions of the Polish vowels are: j as i, y as y, ó as u, ą as on, ę as en; vowels combinations ja, je, transcribed as ya, ye, yu.

Transcriptions of the Polish consonants are: w as v; ł (pronounced as English w) as l; ń (pronounced as soft n) as n’; ż or ź as zh, ś as shch; consonant combinations ch, cz, rz, sz transcribed as kh, ch, zh, sh.

In the attached file you can find many places from Eastern Galicia in all English, Ukrainian, Polish, Hebrew and Yiddish names.






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