Name in English: 
  • Chortkuv
Names in Ukrainian: 
  • Чортків (Chortkiv)
Names in Polish: 
Names in German: 
Names in Russian: 
Чортков (Chortkov)
Names in Hebrew: 
Names in Yiddish: 
49°01' N, 25°48' E
Administrative History: 



 Years Town   District  Province Country 
 1772-1918  Czortków  Czortków  Galicia  Austrian Empire
 1918-1939  Czortków  Czortków  Tarnopol  Poland
 1945-1989  Chortkov      Soviet Union
 Since 1989  Chortkiv      Ukraine


Population Data: 

In 1880 - 2,214 Jews

In 1921 - 3,314 Jews



Before the First World War there was a Teachers' Seminar in town of Czortkow. (CAHJP, Hm2/9138.4).



אפריים זוננשיין, פרקים מתולדות היהודים בטשורטקוב,  ורשה תרצ"ח

Yizkor Book of Chortkiv

A memorial website for the Jews of Chortkiv

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Chortkiv is located on the banks of the Seret river 38 miles South-East of Tarnopol. It is the largest city in Podolia.

The city was established in 1552 and the Jews are first recorded living in Chortkiv since 1616. The old Jewish cememtery has tombstones that date before 1648. Chortkiv was a large Hassidic center established by Rabbi David Moshe son of Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhyn.

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