Nahum Burstein

Last name: 
Father's name: 
Tzvi Hirsh
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From the late nineteenth century and until 1914, the rabbi of Nadworna (Pinkas Hakehilot, 329). He was a wealthy businessmen in Lwow and was also active in the Orthodox political organization Mahzikei Ha-dat. After he went bankrupt he had no choice but to accept the position as the rabbi of Nadworna (Shmuel Hübner, "Ha-rav r. Nahum Burshtein, abad ha-aharon be-nadvorna," Sefer Nadvurna, 31). During his time in the office, he sent halakhic questions to Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Ha-Cohen Shvadron (MaHaRShaM) (Shut Maharsham). He left the town in 1914, before the Russian military occupation and did not return after the end of the First World War (Hübner, "Ha-rav r. Nahum Burshtein," Sefer Nadvurna, 31).