Brakha Kosher

Last name: 
Born in: 
Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Father's name: 
Yaakov Kosher
Spouse's name: 
Meir Binderglied
Additional information: 

Her husband, Meir Binderglied, a teacher of Hebrew and German writing, left her with two children in 1889. He was found in Rumnik Sarat (Rîmnicu Sărat) in Romania, wanted to marry another woman, but was prevented by a letter from the rabbi of Brotchin. When Brakha came to Rîmnicu Sărat in 1891, she already did not find him there. After it she published in Ha-magid a letter with a plea to find her husband and to receive a get from him (Ha-magid, no. 34, 27 August 1891, p. 273).