Tzvi Hirsh Filip of Nadworna

Tzvi Hirsh
Last name: 
Filip of Nadworna
Date of birth: 
Date of death: 
Father's name: 
Shalom Zelig
Additional information: 

From approximately 1786, the preacher (magid meisharim) and Hasidic Rebbe in Nadworna. Rabbi Tsvi Hirsh was the author of several books including Tsemah Hashem Le-tsvi, Siftei kdoshim, and Mili De-Avot (Wunder, 4:40; Shmuel Hübner, "Di rabonim un admorim in nedverne," Sefer Nadworna, 23-4 [Heb.], 122 [Yid.]). He was an important figure in the Hasidic movement, among his pupils were Rabbi Mendel of Kosov, the founder of the famous Kosov Dynasty and also the famous Rabbi Avraham David from Buczacz (ibid., 23-4 [Heb.], 122 [Yid.]).

Rabbi Tsvi Hirsh was succeeded in Nadworna by his son Rabbi David Arie Leib Filip (ca. 1775-1849) (Wunder, 4:38) and by his son in law, Rabbi Yitshak from Radzivil, a son of the Magid of Zlochev (Wunder, 4:40).