JGB begins to work in Romanian Bukovina

The JGB Organization is launching a new comprehensive project: research and documentation of Jewish cemeteries in Romanian Bukovina. A number of important Jewish communities that had a great influence on the development of Bukovinian Jewry emerged in this region in the 18-th and the 19-th cc., such as communities of Suceava (an ancient capital of Moldavian principality and Austrian administrative center), Rădăuți, and Siret.
As a first step, this July the staff of our documentation team visited the main South Bukovinan cities, established links with the leaders of local Jewish communities, and determined the scope of future work of the JGB documentation team. The heads of Suceava and Rădăuți communities rendered us significant assistance in this activity, and we are extremely grateful to them for this.
See here galleries of the photographs taken by our staff during its work in Bukovina. 

(on the picture at the head of the page: the interior of Siret Great Synagogue)