The ancient Jewish cemetery of Pidhaitsi is now fully documented

The Jewish Community of the town Pidhaitsi was one of the oldest communities in Galicia dating back to the 16th century. Notable rabbis came from Pidhaitsi, the most famous amongst them was Rabbi Binyamin Aharon Solnik (1530-1620) who was known for his book “Masa’t Binyamin”.
Much like the rest of Galician Jewish communities, the Jewish Community of Pidhaitsi was very diverse. Due to its location on the cross road between different cultures, Pidhaitsi became a fertile ground for mystical movements, such as the messianic Sabbatean movement which spread in 17-18 c. and the Hassidic movement from the end of the 18th c.
The big Jewish cemetery remains to this day in the center of the town which has kept a lot of its historic elements, parts of it were destroyed during the Holocaust and the Soviet period, but 1500 tombstones, the older ones from the 17th c., are still standing.
Our organization’s delegation worked on the site in 2011. After processing all findings and uploading them to our site we are proud to present a complete catalog of the remaining tombstones at the cemetery with their photos, epitaphs and a detailed map of the cemetery as it is today. 

See the catalog of Pidhaitsi cemetery