Name in English: 
  • Bobowa
Names in Ukrainian: 
  • Бобова
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 Year  Total population  Jewish population
 1765  (?)  206
 1900  1544  749
 1921  1442  565
 1931  2352  1568
 1939  (?)  658


Bobowa in Pinkas Hakehilot.

Bobowa in Virtual Shtetel.


Bobowa is in Poland 52 miles ESE of Krakow. The Jewish community in Bobowa is first documented in 1765 although Jews probably came to the city before that time. Bobowa was the center of the Bobov Hassidic dynasty established by Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam. He maintained a yeshiva in Bobowa called "Etz Hayim" (the tree of life).

The pictures above show the torah ark in the Synagogue of Bobowa and the Jews of Bobowa celebrating in a wedding.