Name in English: 
  • Bochnia
Names in Ukrainian: 
  • Бохня
Names in Polish: 
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Historical-cultural region: 
Western Galicia
49°58' N, 20°26' E
Administrative History: 



Years Town District Province  Country
Till 1772 Bochnia      Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: Kingdom of Poland
1772-1918 Bochnia Bochnia Galicia  Austrain-Hungarian Empire
1918-1939 Bochnia Bochnia Krakow  Poland
1939-1945 Bochnia Bochnia    Under Nazi German occupation
 Since WWII  Bochnia      Poland


Population Data: 
 Years  Total population  Jewish population  Jewish ecentage of population
 1880  6480  927  15%
 1900  9550  1911  20%
 1921  11027  2459  22.3%
 1939    approxemtly 2000  20%

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About the Ghetto in Bochnia

בוכניה באתר המרכז למורשת יהדות פולין

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Bochnia is located in the Malopolskie province on the banks of the Raba river in Southern Poland. It is 24 miles South-East of Krakow. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland dating back to the 12th century (1198). The Jewish community in Bochina was established in the 15th Century. Read more