"Outlines of the Jewish Modern History" - by Dr. Ilia Lurie, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

In April 2010 Dr. Ilia Lurie of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem gave a course "Outlines of the Jewish Modern History" at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.

The syllabus of the course:

Preface. Jewish History: Chronology and peculiarity

1. Ideological and Social Foundations of Jewish Traditional Society

2. Legal Status and Economic Life of Jewish Medieval Community

3. Traditional Kehillah and its Institutions

4. Sabbatean Movement and the Crisis of Religious Authority

5. Philosophers, Freethinkers and Rabbies: the Portuguese Jewish Community of Amsterdam

6. Absolutism and the Jews: Hofjuden

7. Hasidism and its opponents

8. Out of the Ghetto: Emancipation and the Jewish Enlightenment (Haskala)

9. Jewish Religion Tradition and the Modernity: Reform and Orthodoxy

10. European Nationalism and the Jews

11. Modern Jewish Political Movements