Bohorodczany (Brotchin) - after WWII


On March 31, 1944, a Soviet tank squadron attempted to conquer Bohorodchany but was pushed back by the Germans. The town was finally liberated by the Soviets on July 28, 1944 ("Istoriia Bohorodchaniv," 86).

Only fifty or so Bohorodchany Jews survived the Holocaust in the area. Among the survivors were the Rothenberg and Luster families, Benjamin Reuben, Buzsi Koenigsberg, Naftali Gold, Koppelman, Chaim Bru, David Schmertzler, and others (M. Hasten, Mark My Words, 350-5).

No Jews returned to Bohorodchany after World War II.

In the Soviet years the synagogues were destroyed and the Jewish cemetery almost completely disappeared (Grandeur and Glory, 4).

A monument to the Bohorodczany Jews was erected in the Jewish cemetery in Ivano-Frankivsk by the Hasten and Halpern families in August 2002 (see photographs).

See views of Bohorodczany and views of its Jewish cemetery, photographed in 2009.