A letter from Shlomo Katz about his ancestors from Nadworna

Shlomo Katz
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February 01, 2010
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For approximately 100 years before the Holocaust, my KATZ ancestors lived in Oybervisho (Viseul de Sus; Felsoviso) in Maramarosh, today located in Romania.  However, my late grandfather had always said that the family originated in Galicia.  About eight years ago, I was able to obtain a copy of the death registration of my great-great-great-grandfather Isak Hersh (Yitzchak Zvi) son of Chaim Katz, and I learned that Isak Hersh had been born in Nadworna in approximately 1828.  From cemetery records for Oybervisho, I learned of a tombstone (from 1882), which is still preserved in Oybervisho, which says, "Moshe ben Chaim Katz Mi'Nadworna."  He is buried a few places away from Isak Hersh, and it appears that Isak Hersh and Moshe were brothers.  Since Moshe was 40 when he died, this places the move to Oybervisho after 1842 (when Moshe was born).  I also know it was before 1854, when Isak Hersh's oldest son was born, already in Oybervisho.

Why did the family leave Nadworna?  A family story recalls that one of our ancestors (maybe Chaim Katz) was well off and had a non-Jewish maid.  One day, she warned the family that a blood libel was planned against the family.  According to another version, there was a plot to kill one of the Katz children.  Therefore the family fled.  I believe they chose Oybervisho because Chaim had one or more brothers there.  I do not know when or why the brothers went there.

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