Hatechija (Revival) in Bohorodczany

English name: 
Hatechija (Revival) in Bohorodczany
Other names: 
Hatechija in Bohorodczany
Organization type: 
Zionist Association
Establishment date: 
End of activity date: 

On 15 May, 1920, Josef  Friedmann, Feiwel Falik, Meier Schwarz submitted the state of the Hatechija Association for approval of the Starosta in Bohorodchany.

On 28 May 1921, the local police informed the starosta that there are no objections for approval of the statute.

On 6 June 1921, the starosta send all the material to the voivoda in Stanislawow, but in January 1922 received a request about objections to the establishment of the Hatechija.

The starosta again asked the police and received a negative answer, since it is a Zionist organization.

The starosta transfered his negative opinion to the Stanislawow voivoda, who did not approve the statute, thus prohibiting the existence of the association.