Jewish Galicia and Bukovina Bibliography project

The JGB annotated bibliography project is a joint venture of JGB Organization and Ludmer International Project on the Jewish Heritage of Galicia and Bukovina at the University of Haifa. It covers about 200 years of literature on Galician and Bukovinian Jewry. It documents a wide range of works that relate, in whole or in part, to history and legacy of these Diaspora communities and their prominent figures, especially from the period of Austrian annexation (1772) until the outbreak of World War II (1939).

To date, thousands of essays, books, book chapters, pamphlets, and articles, from numerous publications, in some ten languages have been collected. The detailed catalogue of the items provides researchers, students, and the general public with quick access to large reservoir of knowledge about the Galician and Bukovinian Jewry, much of which has not been accessible through existing databases.See more.


Until now, some 1000 items are already uploaded to the site. You may find much more in the pdf file of annotated (in Hebrew) bibliography.

Authorsort descending Title Year
Bartal. Israel Eastern European Haskalah and the Karaites: Christian Hebraism and Imperial Politics 2011
Bartosz, Adam Jewish War Cemeteries in Western Galicia 2001
Bartosz, Adam Zydowskie zabytki województwa tarnowskiego 1989
Bartosz, Adam Tarnowskie Judaica 1992
Bartosz, Adam Zydowskim szlakiem po Tarnowie =In the footsteps of the Jews of Tarnow 2000
Bartosz, Adam, Janusz Kozioł Tarnow's Jewish Cemetery: Guidebook 2007
Bartosz, Adam, współautorstwo Elżbieta Długosz, Iwona Zawidzka Galicyjskim szlakiem chasydów sądecko-bobowskich 2015
Baselgia, Guido Galizien: Fotografien 1993
Baskind, Samantha and Larry Silver Jewish Art: A Modern History 2011
Bauminger, Arieh L. The Fighters of the Cracow Ghetto 1986