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Titleсортувати за зростанням Тип документа Year Community
Budget (income) of the Lysiec Jewish community, 1938 1938 Lysets
Budget (expences) of the Bohorodczany Jewish community, 1935 1935 Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Buche and David Popik (Glotzer) Bilshivtsy
Brandes Naftali: qualifying certificate 1924 Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Brandes Chaim 1920 Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Blecher Gerschon: application form 1928 Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Birth certificate of Majer Hubner Other 1925 Nizhankovitse
Binder Chaim Leib: application form 1931 Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk)