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Title Тип документасортувати за спаданням Year Community
Popik brothers Visual materials 1929 Bilshivtsy
Popik family picture Visual materials 1939 Bilshivtsy
Abituryenci C.K. Gymnazium w Stryju Visual materials 1923 Stryi
Ha-Shomer ha-tzair in Bołszowce Visual materials 1939 Bilshivtsy
Barbershop in Bolszowce Visual materials 1939 Bilshivtsy
Jewish children on the street Visual materials 1938 Bilshivtsy
Sport lesson of Hashomer hatzair in Bołszowce Visual materials 1940 Bilshivtsy
Hora dance in Bolszowce Visual materials 1935 Bilshivtsy