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Lviv region
50.083141°N 25.147651°E
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Brody, a town, the district center, in the region of Lviv, about 90 km northeast of it, 23
northwest of Pidkamin, 10 south-west of Radzyvyliv; in a boggy plain near the mouth of
the Boldurka, a tributary of the Styr River. "Brod" in Slavic languages means "ford". The
town is mentioned in the Ruthenian Chronicles for the year 1084. Chartered as a private
town called Lubitz in 1584. Jews were apparently there from the start and are mentioned
in documents going back to 1588. Also called the Jerusalem of Austria or of Galicia.
Among Poland’s finest communities until the partition. Served as a Torah center with a
renowned klojz, and as a center for business, secular education and Yiddish folk music.
A Hebrew press operated there, and the Hebrew newspaper "Ivri Anohi" was published