Bohorodczany (Brotchin) - general information


The town of Bohorodchany was mentioned for the first time in 1441, as the property of Jan from Buczacz, the Elder (starosta) of Terebomlia (Istoriia Bohorodchaniv, 81). Since the second half of the 15th century, the town belonged to the Potocki  family (Istoriia Bohorodchaniv, 81). The first Roman Catholic Church was built in Bohorodchany in 1691 by Konstancya Potocka (d. 1714), the widow of Dominik Potocki (1646-1683), the King's Treasurer (podskarbi nadworny koronny) and the Elder (starosta) of Chmelnik. At the same she also established a Dominican monastery (Słownik, 1:287). The current buildings of the church and the monastery were built between 1742-45 (link). The date of the establishment of a Greek Catholic (Uniate) church in Bohorodchany is unknown. However, it existed already in the 1870s (Słownik, 1:287).

On August 17, 1744, the forces of the Carpathian opryshky of Oleksa Dovbush (1700-1745) captured the town and ravaged its castle (Hrabovets'kyi, 106-8; Babii, Zamki, 5-9). It is reasonable to assume that Jews also suffered greatly during this invasion.