Hebrew Literature, Modern

Spicehandler Ezra, Yaffah Berlowitz, Holtzman Avner, Gershon Shaked, Gad Keynar, and Eisig Silberschlag
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Hebrew Literature, Modern
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Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 8, 2 Edition, 684-738.
Thomson Gale
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An elaborated edition to values from the encyclipedias first edition (1971) about the history of new Hebrew literature and about literature critique in Israel.
Includes the following segments:
Spicehandler Ezra (684-699, 702-704):
About the Galician Enlightenment , in the sub-chapter 'The Galician Haskalah', 688-689: the sub-chapter refers to Naphtali Herz Homberg, Mendel Lefin, Nachman Krochmal, Solomon Judah Rapoport, Joseph Perl, Isaac Erter, Max Letteris, Aryeh Leib Kinderfreund, Baruch Schoenfeld, and Dov Ber Ginzburg. Additional references to, later, to Isaac Erter and Joseph Perl, Reuben Asher Braudes (691), Yehoshua Radler-Feldmann - Rabbi Binyamin (696), Shmuel Yosef Agnon (696, 698—699), Asher Barash (696, 699), Avraham Ben-Yizhak, Jacob Horowitz (697), Uri Zevi Greenberg (697, 698), Dan Pagis, David Rokeach (703), and Aharon Appelfeld (704).
Berlowitz Yaffah (700-702): 'Women's Prose Writing in the Period of the Yishuv' (1882-1948):
Including references to Anda Amir (Pinkerfeld) (700) and Rivka Gurfein (701).
Holtzman Avner (704-706), 'The 1970s':
Including references to Agnon, Greenberg (704) and Appelfeld (705).
Shaked Gershon and Gad Keynar (712-723), 'Drama':
Including references to Perl, Rapoport, Erter, Letteris (725), Eisig Silberschlag (728), Dov Sadan and Azriel Ukhmani (929).
Berlowitz Yaffah (729-733): 'The 1970s and After':
Including references to Agnon, Greenberg, Appelfeld (731), Ben-Yizhak and Horowitz (732).
Silberschlag Eisig (735-738): 'Hebrew Literature in the United States':
Including references to Naphtali Herz Imber and Harry Sackler (736).