Lysiec - Rabbis


The first rabbis of Lysiec are unknown.

Apparently, Rabbi Matityahu son of Dov Ber, buried in the ohel in the Lyciec cemetery, served as the rabbi of the community until his death in 1831.

In the mid-nineteenth century there was a local Rabbi Shaul Aharon. His grandson Leibish received the right to sell alcohol in Lysiec (Wunder, 5:1). 

Rabbi Menachem Mendel David was invited to Lysiec from Tlumach in 1869 (Pinkas Kehilot, p. 301). 

In 1870, Rabbi Yehudah Gershon son of Israel Yoel Pickholz became the rabbi of Lysiec; he served the community till his death in 1912 (Ohalei Shem, 250; Wunder, 4:66; his tombstone). 

After him the local rabbi was Rabbi Nahman, son of David Ha-Levi Hurvits.

He moved to Halich, and Rabbi Efraim Fishel, son of David Hurvits (probably his brother) became the rabbi of Lysiec (Pinkas Kehilot, p. 301).

In the 1920s the rabbi of Lysiec was Rabbi Ben-Zion son of Shmuel Shapira (1900-1941). However, he left to take his father's position as the rabbi of Złoczew in 1928 (Wunder, 5:456).

Among Lysiec Jews there were many talmidei hakhamim. On of them was Rabbi Shlomo son of Yehoshua Schechter (Wunder, 5:276).

Rabbi Mordechai from Lysiec was among the pupils of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Nadworna (Alfasi, p. 250, no. 108).