Field Schools


The field schools are one of the main activities of our organization. Every summer from 2009 a group of students from Israel and St. Petersburg documented old Jewish cemeteries and buildings in 9 diffrent cities in Galicia with over then 5000 tombstones. Among the cemeteries documented are Solotvin, Rozhniatov, Burshtyn, Lysiec, Nadworna, Pidhaitsy, Kolomyia Kosov and Yablunov.  

The tombstones of Solotvin are all on the website and the rest of the tombstones are in the proccess of being uploaded.

Read more about the field schools:

Field School 2016 to Vizhnitsa

Field School 2015 to Kuty

Field School 2014 to Bolechow and Tlust

Field School 2013 to Bolechow and Pechenezhin

Field school 2012 to Nowy Zmigrod

Field school 2012 to Kolomyia, Yablumiv and Kosiv

Field school 2011 to Pidhaitsy

Field school 2010 to Rozhniatov, Nadworna, Burshtyn and Lysiec

Field school 2009 to Solotvin

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