Nadworna Hasidic dynasty


The Nadworna Hasidic dynasty was established by Rabbi Issachar Berche, the son of Yitshak Leifer from Kalisz, a grandson of Rabbi Meir "the Great" of Premishlan (Alfasi, 1:78). He was succeeded in Nadworna by his sons, Rabbi Aharon Arie Leib and Rabbi Mordechai. Rabbi Mordechai Leifer was one of the most famous and influential Hasidic leaders of his time. Although he moved to Chust and later to Bushtina, he was known as Rabbi Mordchele Nadverner (Shmuel Hübner, "Di rabonim un admorim in nedverne," Sefer Nadvurna, 24 [Heb.], 122 [Yid.]). Rabbi Aharon Arie Leib Leifer stayed in Nadworna and was succeeded by his son R. Moshe Leifer, who moved to Vienna during World War I (Alfasi, 1:78).

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