Nadworna - Rabbis and Rebbes



The first known rabbi of Nadworna is Rabbi Aharon son of Avigdor, mentioned in 1765 (Pinkas Hakehilot, 329).

From approximately 1786, the preacher (magid meisharim) of Nadworna and its Hasidic rebbe was Rabbi Tsvi Hirsh Filip. He was an important figure in the Hasidic movement, among his pupils were Rabbi Mendel of Kosov, the founder of the famous Kosov Dynasty (Shmuel Hübner, "Di rabonim un admorim in nedverne," Sefer Nadworna, 23-4 [Heb.], 122 [Yid.]) and also the famous Rabbi Avraham David from Buczacz, who was born in Nadworna and spent his early years there (ibid, 24 [Heb.], 123 [Yid.]).

Rabbi Tsvi Hirsh was succeeded in Nadworna by his son Rabbi David Arie Leib Filip (ca. 1775-1849) (Wunder, 4:38) and by his son in law, Rabbi Yitshak from Radzivil, a son of the Magid of Zlochev (Wunder, 4:40).

In the 1830s, the town rabbi Nadworna was Rabbi Shlomo Kveler (Pinkas Hakehilot, 329).

The Nadworna Hasidic dynasty was established by Rabbi Issachar Berche (Alfasi, 1:78). He was succeeded in Nadworna by his sons, Rabbi Aharon Arie Leib and Rabbi Mordechai, known as Mordchele Nadverner (Shmuel Hübner, "Di rabonim un admorim in nedverne," Sefer Nadvurna, 24 [Heb.], 122 [Yid.]). Rabbi Aharon Arie Leib Leifer stayed in Nadworna and was succeeded by his son R. Moshe Leifer, who moved to Vienna during World War I (Alfasi, 1:78).

Around 1870, the dayan in Nadworna was Rabbi Shaul Menashe, a hasid of the rebbe from Kosov. His son is Rabbi Israel Kressel from Nadworna (Shut Shoel ve-meshiv, Shut Divrei haim).

In the second half of the nineteenth century the dayan of Nadworna was R. Yaakov Mendel Friedman. He served the community for about forty years (Wunder, 4:179). He was succeeded by his son Rabbi Yeshayahu Friedman, who served as a dayan, but was sometimes called rabbi (Wunder, 4:186; Shut Maharsham).

From the late nineteenth century and until 1914, the rabbi of Nadworna was Rabbi Nahum Burshtein (Pinkas Hakehilot, 329). He left the town in 1914, before the Russian military occupation and did not return after the end of World War I (Hübner, "Ha-rav r. Nahum Burshtein," Sefer Nadvurna, 31).

From the late nineteenth century until 1914, the dayan of Nadworna was Rabbi Yosef Steinberg (Wunder, 5:173).

During the interwar period there was no rabbi in Nadworna. The rabbi's functions were fulfilled by daynim (Shmuel Hübner, "Ha-rav r. Nahum Burshtein, abad ha-aharon be-nadvorna," Sefer Nadvurna, 31). One of them was R. Meir Weisblum (Shmuel Hübner, "Di rabonim un admorim in nedverne," Sefer Nadvurna, 26 [Heb.], 125 [Yid.]), another - R. David Rozenberg, who became dayan and moreh tzedek after 1937 (Wunder, 4:776). Another dayan was R. Zeev Wolf Lusthoyz, son-in-law of the dayan Yeshayahu Friedman. He perished in the Holocaust (Shmuel Hübner, ""Di rabonim un admorim in nedverne," Sefer Nadvurna, 23 [Heb.], 122 [Yid.]).