A new electronic resource for documentation and commemorating the communities of Western Galicia.

After almost three decades of research and training activities in Poland, Meir Shilo, the director of Yad le-Zahava  Institute for research and documentation of the Holocaust, presents an impressive project which documents and commemorates Jewish life in the villages and small towns of Western Galicia. For generations there have been small communities that have not only been physically erased during the Holocaust but were also erased from the historical memory. Meir Shilo’s pioneering enterprise reveals a Jewish world that has not been known to us since the destruction of the Holocaust in Europe. His journeys to small towns in Western Galicia (now in Poland) have leaded to the discovery and documentation of the remains of synagogues, community buildings, cemeteries and mass graves.
This rich and picturesque material which includes hundreds of photographs, maps and travel directions is now accessible (only in Hebrew at the moment) on the Massa le-Galicia site, which our organization also took part in establishing.