Full indexed catalog of the Jewish Cemetery of Busk is now on line

Aincent Jewish cemetery of Busk was fully documented by the JGB expedition in August 2019. The most sensational finding is more than a dozen gravestones from the period between the late 15th century and the early 17th century: large stone tombs with impressive rabbinic phraseology that were unknown to researchers. The oldest Jewish gravestone in Ukraine - dated 1520 - is also among the documented graves.

Another interesting finding is a special section of tombstones of community doctors who worked in the town in the second half of the nineteenth century. Among them there was discovered the tombstone of the community’s doctor, Arie Yehuda Leib (Leon) Szeps, the father of Moriz Szeps (1835-1902) – a Vienna press tycoon and a prominent activist in the liberal movement in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

461 tombstones were documented in Busk, all that has survived in this important cemetery. 

Here you may see all the graves of the Jewish Cemetery of Busk with their photos, epitaphs and a detailed map of the cemetery as it is today.