A full documentation of the ancient Jewish Cemetery in Buchach (Buczacz) is available now at our site

This important work was organized and accomplished by JGB staff and Israeli young volunteers (most of them - students of Herzog College) during two seasonal expeditions in 2017 and 2018.

 All the survived gravestones at the cemetery (more then 2,000!) were mapped, cleaned, documented and photographed, and they can be seen now on the site:


The expeditions produced important findings: gravestones from the end of the 16th century and the first half of the 17th – i.e. the period before the 1648 Khmelnytsky massacre– were revealed. Such monuments are quite rare in Eastern Europe and are a testimony to the longevity and strength of the Jewish community of Buczaz.

The cemetery in Buczacz occupies a special place in the life and work of Nobel Prize laureate S.Y. Agnon. It is quite symbolical that among the expeditions finding were the writer’s mother’s grave, which had been lost since the Holocaust, and the headstone of his grandfather Rabbi Yehuda Farb…