SOLOTVIN - A story of a Galician Schtetl

This project aims to reconstruct the past of the Jewish community in Solotvin. The Jewish cemetery in Solotvin was not damaged at all during the Holocaust and was fully documented by our field school in 2009. This provides a special look at a small Jewish community in Galicia over a period of hundreds of years. Today we are working in collaboration with MyHeritage in an attempt to create a comprehensive assembly of family trees of the whole Jewish community in Solotvin. So far we have managed to collect dozens of unique documents and photographs that tell the story of this small Jewish community. In the coming year we will dedicate a special section in our website to the Jews of Solotvin as a test study for the Jewish shtetl in Galicia. 

We invite you to visit this project again in the near future and learn all there is to know about the Jews of Solotvin