Most of the old Jewish buildings in Galicia and Bukovina no longer exist or are used for other purposes. The Association has documented some of the buildings that served the Jewish communities of these regions, as well as some residential houses that were owned by Jewish families. The main purpose of this project is to learn about the life of the Jews in this area and to reconstruct their urban surroundings.


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Name of buildingsort ascending Building type Community
Jewish Gymnasium for girls School Kolomyia
Jewish Gymnasium for boys Other Kolomyia
House on the market square Residential house Kolomyia
House of Salomon Maramorosch Residential house Kolomyia
House of Jacob Blumenthal Residential house Bolekhiv
House of Dr. Reifeisen Residential house Bolekhiv
House of Agnon Residential house Buchach
Hotel on Teatral'na Other Kolomyia