At the center of the Jewish communities of Galicia and Bukovina were the people themselves. This section of the website is a database of all of the people documented in the Association’s activities. Names were assembled primarily from our project documenting old Jewish cemeteries. Some additional names were assembled from archival documents, interviews and other materials. This database is a commemoration of many people for whom this is the only documentation of their existence.

This is the best place to start for those interested in family research.


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Name Year of birth Year of deathsort descending Mother Father Community
Dina Halprin Yonah Halprin Avraham Yehiel Michel Halprin Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Psachya Halprin Yonah Halprin Avraham Yehiel Michel Halprin Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Moishe Friedman Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Wolf Friedman Moishe Friedman Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Leib Lappe
Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Brakha Kosher Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Family Rothenberg Bohorodchany (Brotchin)
Family Luster Bohorodchany (Brotchin)