Ozjasz Nadler

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Teacher of Jewish religion in the Polish schools in Bohorodczany in the 1930s (M. Hasten, Mark My Words, 7-8). He taught religion in five-class male public school (11 hours a week) in Bohorodczany and in five-class female public school (13 hours a week) in that city. In 1924, Nadler taught also German: 4 hours a week in male school and 2 hours a week in female school. Begining September 1, 1924 he was appointed to teach Jewish religion also in mixed [gender] public school in Lysiec.(CAHJP, HM2/9138.5)

Served as a registering commissar in Bohorodczany in 1926 during the general children register. (CAHJP, HM2/9138.6)