Name in English: 
  • Lviv
Names in Ukrainian: 
  • Львів
Names in Polish: 
Names in German: 
Names in Russian: 
Львов (Lvov)
Names in Hebrew: 
Names in Yiddish: 
Historical-cultural region: 
Eastern Galicia
49°50' N, 24°00' E
Administrative History: 
 Years  Town  District Province   Country
 1772-1918  Lemberg  Lwów Galicia   Austrian Empire
 1918-1939  Lwów  Lwów  Lwów  Poland
 1939-1941  Lwów      Soviet Union
 1941-1944  Lemberg      Germany - under Nazi occupation
 1944-1991  Lwów      USSR
 Since1991 L'viv      Ukraine
Population Data: 


 Years  General Population  Jewish Population
 1578    1500
 1648    5000
 1765    6142
 1800  37,957  18,302
 1869  87,109  26,694
 1880  103,422  31,000
 1910  206,113  57,387
 1921  219,388  76,854
 1931  312,231  99,595
 1939  313,000  109,500
 1941  337,000  150,000




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Protokół dorocznego walnego zgromadzenia Związku Żydów uczestników walk o niepodległość Polski Odziału imenia Nikodema Polaka we Lwowie

Budżet gminy żydowskiej we Lwowie

A document of the selling of a seat in the synagogue by Rabbi Yehudah Tzvi to his sister. Signed by Rabbi Mordechai Zeev of Lviv

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L'viv is located in Western Ukraine (see map). The Jewish community in L'viv was established in the mid 13th Century. 


1) The Golden Rose synagogue in Lviv - one of the largest Jewish centers in its time.

2) A mamorial site in Lviv

3) The Jewish synagogue in Lviv today.