Name in English: 
  • Bibrka
Names in Ukrainian: 
  • Бібрка
Names in Polish: 
Names in Russian: 
Names in Hebrew: 
Historical-cultural region: 
Eastern Galicia
49°38' N, 24°18' E
Population Data: 
 Year  The Jewish population
 1880  2007
 1890  2395
 1900  2500
 1910  2502
 1921  1480
 1931  1833

Translated parts of the Yizkor Book of Bibrka

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Bibrka on Virtual Shtetel

בוברקא באתר המרכז למורשת יהדות פולין

Bibrka is located 19 miles South-East of Lwow. The Jewish community in Bibrka was officialy founded after 1661. Bibrka once had seven synagogues of which only two remain. The picture above is the ruins of the Great Synagogue, built in 1821.